September 6, 2007

Hmmm…well I sat down to write this last night and found that my original wordpress blog still existed but I couldn’t access it.  Somehow my password had changed to be something involving the pound sign and several numbers…and yet that password didn’t work either.  I worked on it this morning too, but then I decided to just create a new blog.  I’m not exactly great at web accounts and now I can’t even figure out how to change my template on my new account. 

 Down to business, the question that we were supposed to be responding to is essentially the reason that I decided to be a telecommunication major.  Everything tends to relate back to communication for the most part.  With communication being such a broad and all encompassing idea and something that I enjoyed studying it seemed like a good decision.  To me this blog will be about how I think communication drives the way we think, act, learn and also just about anything interesting that I come across.  I’ll probably reflect on everything from Good Morning America, lunch with friends to class discussions.  The purpose of this blog I think is to explore and challenge our ideas.  Hopefully when I log out of this new account I’ll be able to log back in without creating a new account:)